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    Title: Convergent evolution-guided design of antimicrobial peptides derived from influenza A virus hemagglutinin
    Author: Zhu S*, Aumelas A, Gao B
    Abstract: Antimicrobial activity and solution structures of four 13-amino acid peptides derived from the fusion domain of viral hemagglutinin proteins are presented. The results show that carboxyl-terminal amidation is a key factor to switch a viral fusion domain-derived sequence into an antimicrobial peptide. Optimization of amphiphilic balance on the amidated analogue largely improves efficacy and enlarges antimicrobial spectra of these peptides. Our work indicates that viral fusion domains have potential to be engineered into potent antimicrobial peptides.

    Corresponding author: ZHU Shun-Yi
    Impact Factor: 5.207
    Authors units:
    PubYear: 2011
    Volume: 54
    Issue: 4
    Page: 1091-1095
    Journal: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
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