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Title: Spatial patterns and conservation of genetic and phylogenetic diversity of wildlife in China
Author: Hu,Yibo;Fan,Huizhong;Chen,Youhua;Chang,Jiang;Zhan,Xiangjiang;Wu,Hua;Zhang,Baowei;Wang,Meng;Zhang,Wenyan;Yang,Lin;Hou,Xian;Shen,Xing;Pan,Tao;Wu,Wei;Li,Jun;Hu,Haihua;Wei,Fuwen
Abstract: Genetic diversity and phylogenetic diversity reflect the evolutionary potential and history of species, respectively. However, the levels and spatial patterns of genetic and phylogenetic diversity of wildlife at the regional scale have largely remained unclear. Here, we performed meta-analyses of genetic diversity in Chinese terrestrial vertebrates based on three genetic markers and investigated their phylogenetic diversity based on a dated phylogenetic tree of 2461 species. We detected strong positive spatial correlations among mitochondrial DNA-based genetic diversity, phylogenetic diversity, and species richness. Moreover, the terrestrial vertebrates harbored higher genetic and phylogenetic diversity in South China and Southwest China than in other regions. Last, climatic factors (precipitation and temperature) had significant positive effects while altitude and human population density had significant negative impacts on levels of mitochondrial DNA-based genetic diversity in most cases. Our findings will help guide national-level genetic diversity conservation plans and a post-2020 biodiversity conservation framework.
Corresponding author: Wei, Fuwen
Impact Factor: 14.972
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PubYear: 2021
Volume: 7
Issue: 4
Journal: Science Advances
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URL: http://advances-sciencemag-org-s.webvpn.ioz.ac.cn/content/7/4/eabd5725