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  Associate Professor
Name Group E-mail Tel
 BAI Ming   Group of Morphology and Evolution of Beetles   baim(at)ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807928
 CHEN Bing   Eco-genomics and Adaptation Group   chenbing@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807220
 CHEN Li   Group of Chemical Ecology of Forest Insects   chenli@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807780
 CHEN Xiaolin   Group on Evolution of Functional Insect Groups   xlchen@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807085
 GE Deyan   Group of Mammalogy   gedy@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807225
 GUO Wei   Group of Eco-genomics and Adaptation   guowei@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64806029
 HAN Hongxiang   Group of Lepidoptera Systematics   hanhx@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807230
 HAN Zhiming   Division of Fertilization Biology   hanzm@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807090
 HAO Shuguang      haosg@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807207
 HE, Shun-Min   Group of Co-evolution and Molecular Systematics   hesm@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807279
 HU Yibo   Group of Animal Ecology and Conservation Genetics   ybhu@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807065
 HUANG Zushi   Group of Molecular Ecology and Evolution   huangzs@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807203
 JI Yajie   Group of Molecular Ecology and Evolution      
 JIA, Chen-Xi   National Zoological Museum of China   jiacx@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807059
 JIANG Liyun   Group of Systematics and Evolution of Aphids   jiangliyun@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807257
 LI Chunwang   Group of Wildlife and Behavioral Ecology   licw@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807466
 LI Li   Group of Molecular Toxicology   lili2008@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807261
 LI Xinhai   National Zoological Museum of China   lixh@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807898
 LIANG Hongbin   National Zoological Museum of China   lianghb@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807253
 LIN Haiyan   Group of Reproductive Immunology   linhy@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807196
 LIU Wei   Group of Animal Physiological Ecology   liuwei@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10- 64807120
 LIU Xuan   Group of Diversity and Spatial Ecology Research   liuxuan@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807122