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  Principal Investigators
Name Group E-mail Tel
 CHEN, Da-Hua   Group of Model Animal and Stem Cell   chendh@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807325
 CHEN, Jun      chenj@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807109
 CHEN, Quan   Group of Apoptosis and Cancer Biology   chenq@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807321
 CUI, Feng   Genomics of vector insect and virus   cuif@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807218
 DAI, Jia-Yin   Group of Ecotoxicology   daijy@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807185
 DU, Wei-Guo   Group of Ecological adaptation and conservation biology   duweiguo@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64806279
 GAO, Fei   Group of Sex Determination and Differentiation   gaof@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807593
 GE, Feng   Group of Population Ecology for Globe Change   gef@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807123
 GE, Si-Qin   Group of Morphology and Evolution of Beetles   gesq@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807239
 GU Qi   Group for Intelligent Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering   qgu@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807315
 GUO, Baocheng   Fish Evolution and Genomics Group   guobaocheng@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807978
 HAN, Chun-Sheng   Group of Bioinformatics   hancs@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807105
 HE, Hong-Xuan   Group of Wildlife Borne Diseases   hehx@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807118
 HOU, Zhong'e   Group of Invertebrate Zoology   houze@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807211
 HU, Bao-Yang   Hu's Group   byhu@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64806251
 JI, Li-Qiang   Group of Biodiversity Informatics   ji@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807129
 JIAO, Jian-Wei   Group of Neural Stem Cell and Neurogenesis   jwjiao@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64806335
 JIN, Wan-Zhu   Regulation of Energy Metabolism Group   jinw@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64806302
 KANG, Le   Eco-genomics and Adaptation Group   lkang@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807219
 LEI, Fu-Min   Group of Ornithological   leifm@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64807159
 LI, Lei   Group of Molecular Embryonic Development   lil@ioz.ac.cn ,lleisep@gmail.com   +86-10-64807865
 LI, Meng-Hua   Group of Genomics and Animal Breeding   menghua.li@ioz.ac.cn   +86-10-64806336