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The State Key Laboratory of Integrated Management of Pest Insects and Rodents, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, P.R.China
Group of Vector-Arbovirus Interaction      
  • 2015-present   Professor, Institute of Zoology,Chinese Academy of Sciences.   
  • 2013-2014    Associate, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY                               
  • 2008-2013    Research Fellow, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY                                                   
  • 2001-2007    Research Assistant, Peking University, Beijing, China
  • Ph.D. in Cell Biology, 2007, Peking University, P.R.China
  • B.S. in Biochemistry, 2001, Nankai University, P.R.China

Research Interests:

Arbovirus is transmitted by blood-sucking arthropod, currently it’s an international disaster to public health. Our lab is focusing on the transmission circle of virus-vector-host using dengue virus as a model. We are trying to understand the infection and transmission mechanism by studying the entry and exit mechanism of dengue virus using molecular biological, virological, biochemistry and entomological strategies. We are trying to discover new strategy for dengue control especially on the vector level.        

  1. Virus entry and exit mechanism, especially the molecular mechanism of virus assembly and budding.
  2. The molecular mechanism of virus entry of the mosquito midgut.
  3. How the virus escapes the vector immune system。

Awards and Honors:

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Selected Publications:
  1. Zheng A, Yuan F, Kielian M. Toggle-Switch that Controls the Low pH-Triggered Rearrangement and Maturation of the Dengue Virus Envelope Proteins. Nature Communication, in press.
  2. Zheng A, Umashankar M, Kielian M. In vitro and in vivo studies identify important features of dengue virus pr-E protein interactions. PLOS Pathogen. 2010; 6(10), e1001157
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  1. Margaret Kielian and Aihua Zheng.  Methods for preventing or treating viral infection. Patent application number   # PCT/US11/00241, February 12, 2010.