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    Molecular Mechanisms of Phase Change in Locusts Annual Review of Entomology 2014
    The locust genome provides insight into swarm formation and long-distance flight Nature Communications 2014
    Nematode-derived drosomycin-type antifungal peptides provide evidence for plant-to-ecdysozoan horizontal transfer of a disease resistance gene Nature Communications 2014
    Experimental Conversion of a Defensin into a Neurotoxin: Implications for Origin of Toxic Function Molecular Biology and Evolution 2014
    An Insect Defensin-Derived β-Hairpin Peptide with Enhanced Antibacterial Activity ACS Chemical Biology 2013
    Solving the pitfalls of pitfall trapping: a two-circle method for density estimation of ground-dwelling arthropods Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2013
    Effects of reproduction onimmuno-suppression and oxidative damage, and hencesupport or otherwise for their roles as mechanisms underpinning life history tradeoffs,are tissue and assay dependent Journal of Experimental Biology 2013
    Limits to sustained energy intake. XIX. A test of the heat dissipation limitationhypothesis in Mongolian gerbils (Merionesunguiculatus) Journal of Experimental Biology 2013
    Oxidative stress in response to natural andexperimentally elevated reproductive effort istissue dependent Functional Ecology 2013
    A native fungal symbiont facilitates the prevalence and development of an invasive pathogen-native vector symbiosis Ecology 2013
    Chemical signals synchronize the life cycles of a plant-parasitic nematode and its vector beetle Current Biology 2013
    Uropygial gland volatiles facilitate species recognition between two sympatric sibling bird species Behavioral Ecology 2013
    Linking climate change to population cycles of hares and lynx Global Change Biology 2013
    Metabolomic analysis reveals that carnitines are key regulatory metabolites in phase transition of the locusts PNAS 2012
    Heavy livestock grazing promotes locust outbreaks by lowering plant nitrogen content Science 2012
    Evaluation of a bayesian coalescent method of species delimitation Systematic Biology 2011
    Molecular diversity and functional evolution of scorpion potassium channel toxins Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 2011
    Ecological trade-offs between jasmonic acid-dependent direct and indirect plant defences in tritrophic interactions New Phytologist 2011
    Convergent evolution-guided design of antimicrobial peptides derived from influenza A virus hemagglutinin Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2011
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